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Ultrasonic homogenizer 2003

Topsonics offers a wide range of ultrasonic homogenizers (200 to 1200W).

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    No. 2, 4th floor, Science and technology park of institute of Physics Savanori ave. 235, LT-02300 Vilnius, Lithuania

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About Us

The scientific background of TOPSONICS dates back to 2003 with the design and manufacturing of ultrasonic surgical knife. Today, this company is one of the leading and fast growing in the field of power ultrasonic technology.

UHP-200, UHP-400 and UHP-1200 are examples of the TOPSONICS products. The UHP-400 Ultrasonic Homogenizer is a small-scale, laboratory-scale device that can bring to life large and innovative projects and innovative ideas. This product is very popular and used in laboratories around the world.

All devices are set at a working frequency of 20 kHz and are capable of applying different output power at different intensities. One of the features of the automatic frequency tuning device is in the range of 1 kHz.

Another feature is the adjustable reaction time. Time, power, and energy can be specified by setting the device software. In addition, it is possible to use pulse mode in this software.

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