Ultrasonic Homogenizer Processor

model : UHP-1200

Ultra-high power with advanced programming

for all liquid processing applications.

We have used Soundproof Enclosures to bring down

approx 40 db Sound Insertion loss.

Titanium probe with final diameter of 30 mm

for processing 2000~5000 cc volumes.

The ultrasonic power supply transforms line voltage

to high frequency 20 kHz electrical energy.


Nowadays, Ultrasonic Homogenizers have found many applications in several fields.  Ultrasonic homogenizers are used for purposes such as mixing, dispersing and emulsifying, the goals are to reduce small particles, droplets in a liquid, to improve uniformity and stability of the mixture. By decreasing the mean particle diameter, the number of individual particles are increased. Therefore, the average particle distance decreases and the particle surface area increases as well. Ultrasonic homogenizers work great compared to conventional homogenization methods with the following properties:

  • Ultrasonic homogenizers produce small particles / droplets and a narrow distribution curve.
  • Ultrasonic homogenizers can handle high solids concentrations.
  • Ultrasonic homogenizers prepare stable suspensions, dispersions and emulsions.
  • Ultrasonic homogenizers are precisely controllable that is an important process parameters (e.g., amplitude, power, time, temperature, and pressure) can be influenced and adjusted.
  • Ultrasonic homogenizers are energy efficient, user friendly and safe to use.

Ultrasonic homogenizers are very effective in reducing soft and hard particles. Cavitation is one of the important factors in homogenization. When liquids are exposed to intense ultrasound process, sound waves propagate through the liquid and cause alternating high and low pressure cycles (approximately 20,000 cycles per second).

One of the most powerful regular products (We also design specific products based on customer requirements) of the TOPSONICS Co. is Ultrasonic Homogenizer Processor UHP-1200. This general product has been found many applications in several fields such as Nano-Technology, Materials Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Oil and Gas Industry, Biology, etc. The medium out put power of 400 watts converts the Ultrasonic Homogenizer Processor UHP-1200 to a useful instrument in many laboratories. The main applications of the Ultrasonic Homogenizer Processor UHP-1200 are synthesizing and processing of nano-materials. Beside these, it is suitable to accelerate chemical reactions without addition of chemical agents or increasing temperature and/or pressure.

topsonics UHP-1200


Ultrasonic Homogenizer Processor model UHP-1200


Due to its high power, it can be used on a semi-laboratory and laboratory scale. It can also be used for research and experiments that require higher ultrasound capabilities.

The following are the functions of this device:

  • Production of nanometer particles at semi-workshop scale
  • Separation and distribution of nanometer particles in solvents (CNT, graphene, nano-alumina, nano diamonds, etc. in liquids such as water, oil, alcohol, etc.)
  • Accelerate chemical reactions
  • Mixing insoluble solvents and producing stable emulsions
  • Increasing the efficiency of solid catalysts in liquid reactions in chemical reactions
  • Extract of medicinal plants
  • Production of cosmetics
  • Production of basic materials for color production
  • De-sulfurization of diesel
  • Breaking the polymer chains
  • Dissolve metal ores
  • Cellular degradation
  • Production of composite materials

The device is designed to consider the needs of the industry today, especially the detergent and sanitation industry. Among the features of this device are the following:

• 20 kHz operating frequency
• Output power of 1200 watts
• 1500 watt converter
• Waterproof touch settings page
• Ability to measure reaction vessel temperature
• Competitive price compared to foreign samples
• Pre-sale services include testing the customer’s performance and performance and then purchasing the device
• After sales services including consumables repair and supply
• Provide advice on various projects

The specifications of the Ultrasonic Homogenizer Processor UHP-1200 are as follow:

  • Property
  • Input Voltage (V)
  • Input Current (A)
  • Input Frequency (Hz)
  • Output power (W)
  • Output Frequency (KHz)
  • Power Adjustable
  • Frequency Adjustable
  • Interface
  • Working Mode
  • Pulse ON (s)
  • Pulse OFF (s)
  • Total duration for a cycle (min)
  • Sound enclosure box
  • Thermometer
  • Temperature range (˚C)
  • Horn Material
  • Horn final diameter (mm)
  • Working volume (CC)
  • UHP-1200
  • 220
  • 6
  • 50~60
  • 100~1200
  • 20 (+-1)
  • Yes
  • No
  • TFT LCD (touch)
  • Pulse
  • 1~20
  • 1~10
  • 30
  • Yes
  • Yes (PT-100)
  • 0~100
  • Ti-6Al-4V
  • 30
  • 2000-5000

Here is the catalog for download: